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This posting attempts to answer the most common questions from those new to the newsgroup news:soc.culture.esperanto (or the corresponding mailing list esperanto-l), or to the language Esperanto itself.

Please send suggestions, corrections and complaints about this FAQ to the maintainer, Yves Bellefeuille, mailto:yan@storm.ca. Post questions about Esperanto in the newsgroup http://groups.google.com/group/soc.culture.esperanto?hl=eo or send them to the mailing list at mailto:soc.culture.esperanto@googlegroups.com, not to the maintainer.

Because of the increasing internationalization of the net, I have attempted to make this FAQ as relevant as possible to readers in various countries. It's still somewhat biased in favour of the US, though.

There are several FAQs of interest on the internet. Their author must decide if he wants to put a link to his document here, or to expose his article hereunder, and allow anybody to modify it, hopefully to improve it.

Before updating an article, please read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutral_point_of_view

Part I: The Language Esperanto

Part II: Esperanto, Computers and the Internet

This FAQ was written by Mike Urban. It was brought up to date and is now maintained by Yves Bellefeuille.

Principal contributors:

Ken Caviness, Alan Gould, Edmund Grimley-Evans, Don Harlow, Konrad Hinsen, Dmitri Horowitz, Arnold Victor, Martin Weichert and David Wolff.