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Where do I find classes, textbooks, etc.?

In the USA: Esperanto League for North America

For US residents, the Esperanto League for North America is the best and most reliable source for Esperanto materials. They offer a free basic correspondence course (by snail mail, but see below for an E-mail course), and may be offering a more detailed and advanced paid correspondence course. They have an extensive catalogue of books, including texts, reference, fiction, poetry, cassette tapes and audio CD-ROMs. Their address is:

[http://www.esperanto-usa.org/ Esperanto League for North America]
Box 1129
El Cerrito CA 94530
tel. 1-800-ESPERANTO (1-800-377-3726) toll-free (USA and Canada) for a free information package
tel. (510) 653-0998

<P>E-mail: elna@esperanto-usa.org
WWW site: http://www.esperanto-usa.org/



<P>A more immediate source of texts, especially for those with access to a university, is your local library. The quality of the books will vary widely, of course, but most of the texts, even the older ones, will provide a reasonable general introduction to the language.

<P>One exception, mentioned here only because it was surplused to many libraries around the USA, is the US Army's Esperanto: The Aggressor Language, which is more of a curiosity than a useful textbook. This book was prepared to make military exercises more realistic by having the opposing forces speak different languages, as would be the case in a real war. The soldiers playing the role of the aggressor were taught Esperanto, hence the strange title. Unfortunately, the book is extremely poor and contains a great many mistakes; in addition, its emphasis is on military terms, not on everyday vocabulary.

<P>The problem with most old texts is that they are... well... old! Their presentations can seem very bland and old-fashioned, and their "cultural" information about the Esperanto community will often be hopelessly out of date. One recent US textbook is Richardson's [http://www.esperanto-usa.org/learnmat.html Esperanto: Learning and Using the International Language]. It is available from ELNA and perhaps some libraries.

<P>Another book, [http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0844237639/esperantofaq Teach Yourself Esperanto] by Cresswell and Hartley, is a very useful introduction to the language. The Teach Yourself series can often be found in ordinary bookstores.

<P>Another good, if a bit old-fashioned, textbook, [http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0939785013/esperantofaq Step by Step in Esperanto] by Butler, has recently been reprinted and is available from ELNA. Still another book recommended by more than one participant is [http://www.esperanto-usa.org/learnmat.html Saluton!] by Audrey Childs-Mee. This is entirely in Esperanto, with many pictures.

<P>Wells's two-way [http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0844237647/esperantofaq Esperanto Dictionary] is a good choice for beginners. This dictionary is in the same series as Teach Yourself Esperanto and is also often available in ordinary bookstores. For a more thorough treatment, see Butler's one-way [http://www.esperanto-usa.org/dicts.html Esperanto-English Dictionary], and Benson's one-way [http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0939785021/esperantofaq Comprehensive English-Esperanto Dictionary].

<P>(Please see the [faq-18.html Disclosure about Amazon.com].)

Free E-mail Correspondence Courses

Free Esperanto courses by E-mail are available in several languages. Typically, these have 10 lessons and teach a vocabulary of a few hundred words. The system is the same as for traditional correspondence courses: the instructor sends a lesson; the student does the exercises and sends them back; the instructor corrects the exercises and sends the next lesson. <P>

In English:
Free Esperanto Course
Marko Rauhamaa, marko.rauhamaa@iki.fi
In French:
Cours gratuit d'espéranto
Ken Caviness, esperanto@southern.edu
In German:
Kostenloser Esperanto-Kurs
Steffen Pietsch, kek@esperanto.de
In Chinese:
Mianfei Shijieyu Kecheng
ZHONG Qiyao, zhong@accton.com.tw
In Russian:
Andrej Ananjin, andreo@esperanto.msk.ru

<P> E-mail courses also exist in other languages.

Macintosh HyperCard Course

Macintosh owners with HyperCard And MacinTalk can take advantage of an introductory HyperCard course on Esperanto. This can be [ftp://ftp.stack.nl/pub/esperanto/hypercourse.dir/ downloaded by FTP].

Classes and Courses

Each summer, San Francisco State University and the University of Hartford (Connecticut) offer a curriculum of Esperanto courses, in which one may participate at beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels. These courses are available for credit or on a non-credit basis. They are widely considered to be one of the best opportunities to learn to speak Esperanto "like a native", and draw students and faculty from around the world. <P>

San Francisco State University:
Ellen M. Eddy
11736 Scott Creek Dr SW
Olympia WA 98512
tel. (360) 754-4563
E-mail: eddyellen@aol.com
<P>information at http://www.best.com/~donh/Esperanto/sfsu/
University of Hartford:
tel. (800) 234-4412 or (860) 768-4978

<P>Other institutions offering Esperanto courses on a regular basis include:

In France:
Château Grésillon, 49105 Baugé, tel. 02 41 89 10 34 <P>La Kvinpetalo, rue de Lavoir, 86410 Bouresse, tel. 05 49 42 80 74
In Poland:
Dr. Ilona Koutny, Linguistics Institute, Adam Mickiewicz University, ul. Miedzychodzka 3-5, 60-371 Poznan, tel. 61 861-85-72
E-mail: ikoutny@main.amu.edu.pl <P>Jagiellonian University, Krakow. Contact: Maria Majerczak, ul. Armii krajovej 7 M, PL-30-150 Krakow, tel. 12 638-14-49

In Sweden:
Karlskoga Folkhögskola, Box 192, 691 24 Karlskoga, tel. 0586-64600
E-mail: info@fhsk.karlskoga.se
In Switzerland:
Kultura Centro Esperantista, Postiers 27, CP 311, 2301 La Chaux-de-Fonds, tel. (032) 9267407
E-mail: [1]


National Esperanto Organizations

<P>In the following countries, you may contact the national Esperanto organization to receive information on courses, buy books, etc.

In Australia:
Australia Esperanto-Asocio, 9 Ballantyne Street, Thebarton SA 5031, tel. (08) 8443-8997 <P>Book Service: c/o T. Elliott, PO Box 230, Matraville NSW 2036, tel. (02) 9311-2246
In Brazil:
[http://www.esperanto.org.br/ Brazila Esperanto-Ligo], C.P. 3625, 70084-970 Brasilia (DF), tel. (061) 226-1298 <P>E-mail: bel@esperanto.org.br
<P>Book Service: Same as above
In Canada:
[http://www.esperanto.ca/kea/ Kanada Esperanto-Asocio], P.O. Box 2159, Sidney BC, V8L 3S6 <P>Book Service: 6358-A, rue de Bordeaŭ, Montreal QC, H2G 2R8, tel. (514) 272-0151
E-mail: esperanto@sympatico.ca
In China:
Ĉina Esperanto-Ligo, P.O. Kesto 825, 100037 Beijing, tel. (010) 68326682 <P>Book Service: El Popola Ĉinio, P.O. Kesto 77, 100037 Beijing
In France:
Unuiĝo Franca por Esperanto, 4 bis, rue de la Cerisaie, 75004 Paris, tel. 01 42 78 68 86 <P>Book Service: Same as above
In Germany:
[http://www.esperanto.de/gea/ Germana Esperanto-Asocio], Immentalstr. 3, 79104 Freiburg, tel. (07 61) 28 92 99 <P>Book Services: M. Führer, Am Stadtpfad 11, 65760 Eschborn,
and Rolf Beau, Saxoniastr. 35, 04451 Althen, E-mail: robo.espero@t-online.de
In Italy:
Itala Esperanto-Federacio, Via Villoresi 38, 20143 Milano, tel. (02) 58 100 857 <P>Book Service: Cooperative Editoriale Esperanto, same address as above
In Japan:
Japana Esperanto-Instituto, Waseda-mati 12-3, Sinzyuku-ku, JP-162-0042 Tokyo-to, tel. (03) 3203 4581 <P>E-mail: jei@mre.biglobe.ne.jp <P>Book Service: Same as above
In Russia:
[http://www.reu.ru/ Rusia Esperantista Unio], P.f. 57, 105318 Moskva, tel. (095) 2554683, <P>E-mail: esperanto@au.ru
<P>Book Service: Same as Moscow office
In Sweden:
Sveda Esperanto-Federacio, Vikingagatan 24, 11342 Stockholm, tel. (08) 34 08 00 <P>E-mail: sef@esperanto.se <P>Book Service: Same as above
In Switzerland:
Svisa Esperanto-Asocio, Jurastrasse 23, 3063 Ittigen (Bern) <P>Book Service: Kultura Centro Esperantista, CP 311, 2301 La Chaux-de-Fonds <P>E-mail: [2]
In the UK:
[http://www.esperanto.demon.co.uk/ Esperanto-Asocio de Britio], 140 Holland Park Avenue, London W11 4UF, tel. (0171) 727-7821 <P>E-mail: eab@esperanto.demon.co.uk
<P>Book Service: Same as above
World Esperanto Association:
[http://www.uea.org/ Universala Esperanto-Asocio], Nieuwe Binnenweg 176, 3015 BJ Rotterdam, The Netherlands, tel. +31 10 436 1044 <P>E-mail: uea@inter.nl.net
<P>Book Service: Same as above
[wais://wwwtios.cs.utwente.nl/librokatalogo Book catalogue] available online in WAIS format. (You must use a WAIS client to access this catalogue.)

<P> These are just some of the countries with Esperanto organizations. If your country is not mentioned here, please see the complete list.